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RIM gets hit with e-mail patent lawsuit


GavelTeleCommunication Systems based out of Virginia came knocking on RIM’s door yesterday about their patent for an e-mail system which handles multiple logins under one app. Not only is TCS looking for damages, but they also want an injunction made against RIM to stop them from using it. C’mon, now. Isn’t the money enough? These kind of things have been known to end amicably, so here’s hoping we don’t have another NTP on our hands.

RIM’s Q3 revenue doubled from last year


RIMThe results are in, and they’re peachy as ever. Revenue was up 22% from last quarter to $1.67 billion, with $1.8 – $1.87 billion forecasted for next quarter. RIM’s stock has been enjoying a jump, having climbed $12.12 to $119.11 in early trading. 1.65 million new subscribers came in and 3.9 million devices shipped out during the 3 months leading up to December 1st. With such good news, we can brush off the iPhone a little more soundly, along with their 1.1 million units sold last quarter.

Thailand gets Wi-Fi Curve


TrueMoveJust after Singapore’s BlackBerry 8320 release, RIM issues an announcement of the same device just around the proverbial block. Thai carrier True Move is now packing the Wi-Fi Curve, but no word on price from their online catalogue. It’s safe to assume the device will be making more rounds in the neighbourhood soon.

BlackBerry 8320 lands in Singapore


M1Although unheralded by press release nor fanfare, the Wi-Fi Curve has made its way to The East through M1 for around S$450 (or US$312). Still no sign of the 8120 on Singtel, Starhub, or M1 but the 8320 is a decent trade-off, no? Besides, M1 has a pretty decent lineup with the 8310, 8820 and 8707 up there, too. Interestingly, the new Curve doesn’t have the big “BlackBerry from Vodafone” label (reminiscent of VIP’s deal) slapped underneath it. Maybe M1’s managing to handle it themselves…? Thanks Ross!

Reminder: RIM Q3 results announced today


RIMIn case you’ve forgotten, RIM’s conference call is tonight at 5 PM EST. ABI Research is guessing that BlackBerry will have cornered 10% of the smartphone market after this quarter, second only to Nokia. RIM’s stock took a nice jump this morning, showing some investor confidence despite a few shaky weeks. These calls tend to be pretty optimisic, but question period could bring up some issues hint at RIM’s direction for the new year. We’ll be sure to give you guys the low-down first thing tomorrow morning.

RIM encountering resistance in Korea


South KoreaCanadian govnerment and RIM are trying to work their way into Korea, but it’s turning out to be tricky. South Korea’s hasn’t been too warm to the idea of BlackBerrys, mainly due to the device’s inability to meet software standards for mobile devices, but also because of a lackluster public reception. All internet-capabable phones in South Korea need to include middleware called Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability (WIPI), but is often overlooked if there’s enough demand for the device. Sadly, BlackBerry hasn’t quite struck that chord with Koreans, and due to some fundamental differences, BlackBerry can’t support WIPI. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has been throwing their weight around to get the requirement overturned so BlackBerrys can get in.

“I want to ask you how Korean politicians will act if Canada does not allow Samsung or Hyundai to sell their products,” [Terry Tuharsky, the chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea] said, adding that “the storm is brewing” in Canada already.

Heh, something tells me Canada will miss Toyotas a bit more than Korea will miss the BlackBerrys they never had in the first place anyway. Still, China’s on board, so the rest of the area might become a little more prone to adoption.