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HanDBase gets upgrade to version 4


HanDBaseThe handheld database manager, HanDBase, just got bumped up to version 4, with a few new bells and whistles, including Vista support. The UI has gotten a bit of a facelift, the OS X client now has searching and sorting functions (which seem pretty vital for database work), 5-way navigation for Palm and Windows Mobile, and a few other things. As ever, HanDBase syncs with Microsoft Access through a bundled utility, although it’s wired only. If you’ve got a boatload of information that you want to keep an eye on from your BlackBerry, you can pick HanDBase up for $39.95 over here.

New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging


RetainTracking e-mail through a BES is easy enough, but SMS text messaging from a BlackBerry has been a little trickier for admins. GWAVA has just released Retain, a clientless archiving system that aims to solve the issue. It installs on your BES in a half hour, and will keep track of all PIN and SMS messages, as well as phone logs. This sounds like a solid option for enterprises that want to be ready for audits and enforce their IT policy with an iron fist.

BlackBerry 8830 coming to New Zealand


KiwiKiwis rejoice, the BlackBerry 8830 is coming your way from Telecom New Zealand. Previously, Vodafone usually brought the BlackBerrys in, who’s currently carrying the Pearl and GPS Curve, but now New Zealanders will be able to enjoy a bit of variety in their BlackBerry options. On top of the device, Telecom will also be offering BES service to any corporate customers looking to get a BlackBerry rollout.

RIM to set up shop in Texas


TexasRIM has recently settled on Irving, Texas as their American headquarters, and will be hiring upwards of 1,000 folks over the next few years while the expansion is underway. We might end up seeing some of those positions on BlackBerry Jobs, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled, job-hunters. The address for the HQ will be Las Colinas’ Riverside Commons, 5000 Riverside Drive, Brazos Building East, Irving, Texas 75039, if any local readers want to swing by and let us know how the new place is coming along. You can scope out the bird’s eye view here, or find more information about the area here.

BlackBerry fends off iPhone in North American Q3 sales


CanalysAlthough RIM’s third quarter numbers aren’t being released for another 3 days, Canalys’ shipping data has revealed that the iPhone has already beaten Windows Mobile’s market share in North America, but BlackBerry still holds on to the top dog status. The iPhone’s 27% capture of the smartphone market is especially surprising considering it’s still not in Canada or Mexico, and is limited to only AT&T. While North America’s a huge market, it’s a big world, and if the numbers included international results, the picture would look just a little different. It’ll be interesting to see what Q4 looks like after the Christmas sales have all been tallied up…

Wi-Fi Pearl en route to T-Mobile February 18?


8120Rumour has it that the BlackBerry 8120 is coming to T-Mobile on February 18th., after the standard Pearl stock gets purged from the holiday rush. The FCC filing last month for the Wi-Fi Pearl would suggest an upcoming release, and this very well could be it. It would be the first we see of it in North America, and would give GSM carriers a little something to compete against all those 8130s kicking around these days. Keep an eye out for this in gray.