RIM gets hit with e-mail patent lawsuit

GavelTeleCommunication Systems based out of Virginia came knocking on RIM’s door yesterday about their patent for an e-mail system which handles multiple logins under one app. Not only is TCS looking for damages, but they also want an injunction made against RIM to stop them from using it. C’mon, now. Isn’t the money enough? These kind of things have been known to end amicably, so here’s hoping we don’t have another NTP on our hands.

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2 Responses to “RIM gets hit with e-mail patent lawsuit”

  1. 1 Luqman

    I’m no patent lawyer but I just read through the patent and it doesn’t really have merit. When they filed in 2001, there were already a lot of email services and applications that allowed you to aggregate your email (they even mention Outlook Express). Their application has a WAP page that you go to and look at your email and switch accounts. It isn’t an application on the phone per se. Their whole idea was to allow any phone access to aggregated accounts. In which case, they need to sue Google and every other webmail provider that allows aggregated accounts and account switching from a wap gateway. I personally think this patent should have been disallowed.

  2. 2 dino

    What losers! Tell them to grow up! Its over. Blackberry is blackberry.no one can take that away from us! We’re global baby