Weekly Contest: Crossing the Line

DilbertA study earlier this week recounted some pretty extreme situations in which folks just couldn’t put their BlackBerrys down, but something tells me BBCool readers, hardcore users that they are, have a few stories of their own. We’ve all heard the term “crackberry” before, and usually laugh it off, but every once in awhile a situation pops up where you realize, “Hey, I really do use this thing a lot.” So, for this Weekly Contest, we’re giving open-mic status to everyone out there to tell their most embarassing, funny or otherwise notable BlackBerry addiction story. The most entertaining will win Bplay’s two newest themes, Winter Wonderland (complete with animated snowfall!), and Christmas Zen.

Dzemis and Jason butted heads last week over the pros and cons of push technology, and its role in RIM’s direction. Thanks both for your input, and you’ll both be getting set up with free copies of Ascendo DataVault. Anyone else interested in picking up the password-keeping app can get it for 25% off by entering the coupon code BBCOOL72 at checkout, but just for a limited time. Thanks for participating, guys!

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3 Responses to “Weekly Contest: Crossing the Line”

  1. 1 Xirtam

    In response the weekly contest - crossing the line, I often find myself walking from my desk to the other side of the office to use the washroom and once I unzip and fumble with the right hand, pull the bb out with the left hand and start reading emails. I’m glad we don’t recycle bb devices in my company because who knows where the device has been. Don’t know why I need to check my email when I was just sitting in front of a fat outlook email client, but a guy has to do, what a guy has to do. Also to note I’ll never own a bb with a camera built in as I’d hate to accidently snap a picture and send it to someone while the fire hose is putting out a “fire”.

    Yup, I use the bb way more than I should.

  2. 2 Patrick W

    I often find myself playing with my blackberry at work also using in the bathroom but the ultimate had to be when I was involved in an accident (hit by a drunk driver)and was checking my BB while being removed from my vehicle and transported in the ambulance. My DVD player and GPS were totaled but my BB held up. Hallelujah :)

  3. 3 <a oncl