Review: WorldMate Live


WorldMate 2Functionality
I got to test WorldMate Live under some pretty rigorous conditions over the holidays. My brother and I went down to Atlanta from Ottawa to visit our dad down there, making a pit stop in Chicago both ways, and let me tell you, there was nothing about the flying that went smoothly. The way down was alright, and we only suffered a delay in Chicago for an hour or two which strangely didn’t show up on WorldMate. An ongoing problem while down south was a lack of data coverage, which cut me off from up-to-date information that could have been heavily relied upon while abroad. If you’re going to pick up WorldMate, just be sure that you’ve got your information in hard copy too, just in case.

Worldmate 6Flying on the way back was worse; O’Hare was locked down for about two hours since Bush was going through, so we ended up taxiing for some time before leaving Atlanta. Our original flight they day prior was cancelled, and the rebooking for the next day got us to Chicago … before cancelling the Ottawa flight due to fog. This brings up another issue – WorldMate’s information is only as reliable as the airline providing it. My brother and I were less than impressed with American Airlines, especially when we were stuck in Chicago for another hour because they couldn’t find someone to fly the damned plane. If they don’t put that information out early, you’re just as good waiting outside the gate for the surprise.

  • Dr. C

    Nice idea – cannot get it to work – I may be doing something wrong – but am completely at a loss as to how to get help – after at least 10 e-mails, not response. I would like to upgrade but cannot get the free version to work and they won’t respond. I take that as a sign.

  • A Dolan

    I like it, but it is a battery killer for me. With it installed, the battery on my Curve 8310 would barely last a day, otherwise it lasts 3-4 days.