Review: WorldMate Live


WorldMate 3Of course the next direct Ottawa flight the next day was booked solid, so we had to take another two-leg flight through Toronto. Oh, and all of our luggage went right from Atlanta to Ottawa, and since AA didn’t give either of a luggage tag, all of our Christmas goodies got lost with everyone else’s luggage. Now, if WorldMate had some luggage tracking lookup, that would be pretty sweet. And how about integrating those 2-D boarding passes some airlines are using now? There are still plenty of great features that WorldMate can tack on, and by supporting both free and premium versions, those extras can get to wide range of customers.

While WorldMate’s cartoon paints a pretty picture of software that helps preempt problems, you rarely have the opportunity to have that much advance notice. Even when you do, you would need internet access for awhile in order to update your itinerary, since you can’t make on-the-fly changes on your BlackBerry. When flights get cancelled and you’re rebooking or being put on standby for other flights or making any amount of last minute changes, WorldMate quickly loses its usefulness.

Speaking of the cartoons, the part where the dashing hero makes dinner reservations and rebooks flights with the push of a button is vastly overstated. WorldMate provides you with an alternative flight lookup and a set of contact numbers for nearly every airline, restaurant and hotel you could need, which is handy, but not nearly as effortless as you’d think. This translates well to most of the program’s other features; on the whole, it provides great information access, but not much in the way of proactive functions.

  • Dr. C

    Nice idea – cannot get it to work – I may be doing something wrong – but am completely at a loss as to how to get help – after at least 10 e-mails, not response. I would like to upgrade but cannot get the free version to work and they won’t respond. I take that as a sign.

  • A Dolan

    I like it, but it is a battery killer for me. With it installed, the battery on my Curve 8310 would barely last a day, otherwise it lasts 3-4 days.