RIMM target price lowered

SadRIM’s stock has been taking a bit of a dip lately due to worries of a recession in the US, causing Canaccord Adams to drop their target price from $145 to $110 and downgrading the stock to “hold” status. The stock saw a pretty nice jump after the last quarterly results, and cruised over $100 for awhile, but is cooling off at around $93 right now. RIM was far from alone, as Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Apple all saw declines recently as well.

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RIM stock up after price target raise | BlackBerry Cool
March 31st, 2008 at 7:39 am

[...] The analyst also rated the stock as “Outperform.” This is a pretty big turnaround from January, where RIM’s stock was rated as “Hold” and had its price target lowered from $145 [...]

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