BBSmart giveaway this Thursday

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BBCoolThe folks at Mobihand just let us know about a giveaway happening this Thursday, January 24th. - with any purchase over $5, you get a free copy of the BlackBerry e-mail viewer, BBSmart. I’ve spent a lot of time with BBSmart, and it’s a top-notch app that seriously increases the quality of your mail-viewing. Considering it normally retails for around $25, spending $5 on some other stuff to get it included is a sweet deal. Obviously, the easiest way to get the most out of it is to find some cheap software to put you just over that magic $5 mark, like e-Mobile Color Pearl or a month of Voice on the Go. Just enter the code SMARTFREE at checkout on Thursday for your free copy of BBSmart.

  • Jessica
    I am one of those who didn't get the benefit out of it. BB smart is actually very handy application, i am using trial of this which i have downloaded from Ahh Bed luck!!
  • Shaun Rotman
    I just wanted to confirm what TK said. The promo code doesn't work so I've canceled my purchase before going through with the checkout. Shame that MobiHand's system wasn't working properly on the day of a promotion.
  • rta
    Just tried it and it worked fine for me.
  • TK
    The free BBSmart on Mobihand promotion does not work.
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