RIM and 3 launch 8707g in Sweden


Sweden’s flag3 and RIM have announced the launch of the BlackBerry 8707g for customers in Sweden. That area hasn’t seen a lot of BlackBerry devices before so it’s good to see RIM expanding like this. The UMTS-enabled 8707g has a full QWERTY keyboard, and Cognos has modified their Go business intelligence system to work for the device. Additionally, 3 has pledged that they will collaborate with VM-data when customers need assistance integrating with existing business systems.


  • bertiebassett


    the 8707 is a dog and will be superseded come WES’08 by the 8900/9000 (depending on what version number you want to believe it is) so I don’t understand really understand this.

    Having read the original article it sounds like it might be a 3-g only network so I guess currently only the 8707 would give them any joy.

    you’d be “sick as a parrott” to buy an 8707 for it to be superseded in 5 months though…