BlackBerry SlingPlayer launches beta sign-up

SlingMediaSlingPlayer has opened the gates for application to test out its new TV software for BlackBerry that made such a splash at CES this year. You can sign up for the beta when it’s ready over here, but you you’ll probably need a SlingBox hooked up to your TV already in order to participate, and an unlimited data plan will likely be necessary. Still, it’s a big step for streaming video on BlackBerry, and hopefully not the last.

Thanks Robb!

3 Responses to “BlackBerry SlingPlayer launches beta sign-up”

  1. 1 Russell Haynes

    Signing up for Beta please

  2. 2 Rob Morris

    Wouldlike to beta test sling for bberry

  3. 3 Rick Miller

    I love slingbox, and had the software on my Treo. I just got the new Storm, and cant wait to get this software. I cant tell you how many people have got the software because of my promotion. Got to have this now, Thanks, Rick

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