Data outage nails AT&T subscribers

CingulAT&TLooks like there was an outage Thursday that lasted from as early as 8 AM up until around 4 PM. Problems centred around data services on both EDGE and 3G, including wireless internet cards for laptops. We’ll be talking with some folks from Zenprise on tomorrow’s podcast to get the down-low on where the problem originated, how wide it spread, and what enterprises did about it. Did the service lapse cause y’all any headaches?

2 Responses to “Data outage nails AT&T subscribers”

  1. 1 Jeff

    My company just installed the Beta Version of Zenprise Tuesday of this week. This morning we started getting requests where our Blackberry users were not able to send messages. Instead of our regular ‘reboot the BES to fix all’ process we normally would follow, I was able to see that the all the devices affected were from the AT&T network. I immediately contacted our AT&T rep and she was able to confirm an outage that was affecting the central and northeast regions. Although we have not purchased Zenprise yet, this was an excellent real life proof of concept of its ability to save my team hours of time troubleshooting.

  2. 2 Jeremy Smith

    Another Blackberry Outage today happend about twenty minutes ago here in the San Francisco Bay Area

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