DecalGirl skins the BlackBerry 8800 series

Our buddies at DecalGirl released skins for the 8800 series last Friday, and they’re looking great. Even for a businessy BlackBerry, it’s nice to get a little bit of extra style to set you apart from all the other suits. I’m still packing the Dante skin on my Pearl, and it’s providing a surprising amount of protection, even on the backside where it gets the most damage. Speaking of the Pearl skins, they’ve all been marked down to $5.99 a pop, including the 8130 models, so get ‘em while they’re hot. Remember, all the skins also come with a matching background you can download for extra effect.

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2 Responses to “DecalGirl skins the BlackBerry 8800 series”

  1. 1 chickeeen

    Niiiice….I will try this out…hehe…..

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