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RIM to unveil BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway


The Financial Post has uncovered evidence that Research in Motion will be unveiling a new music accessory called the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway. The Gateway attaches to a stereo and then streams music files from a BlackBerry via Bluetooth. The information is available through an FCC filing, which has both the user manual and a photo of the Gateway. The device was filed by Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd. out of Taiwan, but the BlackBerry brand is all over the place. This is obviously a big push into the consumer space for RIM, especially given the fact that, unlike iPod docks, it’s wireless. Between this and the increasing sizes of microSDHC cards, BlackBerry is becoming more and more viable as a media player.

RIM launches BlackBerry Professional Software


BB LogoOnce again Spain gets the goods. The BlackBerry Professional Software that was announced back in November is now available in Spain through Orange. The package is geared towards smaller businesses running on Exchange or Lotus Domino servers and dealing with fewer than 30 devices, and allows two-way synchronization of address books and calendars. If you want to try it out, RIM’s got BlackBerry Professional Express available for single users, which can then be expanded as you get more BlackBerrys to manage.

Zagat To Go updated to version 6.0


ZagatA user on the Pinstack forums noted that the city guide software Zagat To Go has been updated to version 6.0. The software allows you to find over 30,000 restaurants, golf courses, hotels, and other locations for the BlackBerry user on the move. You can also use Zagat to Go to automatically dial the number for the spot you’ve chosen, read reviews, get directions, and quite a lot more. Version 6.0 adds a redesigned interface as well as favorites, wish lists and the ability to browse an alphabetical list of all locations in an area. A 14-day free trial is available or you can purchase a one year subscription for $29.95. They offered a 1500 free subscriptions to BlackBerry users last July, so we’ll keep any eye out for anything similar to celebrate this new release.

Continental Airlines to offer inflight Wi-Fi service


Continental Airlines logoContinental Airlines has announced that they will be offering Wi-Fi service to customers as part of their new LiveTV service, pending testing. LiveTV offers a wide variety of TV channels free to first class passengers or to economy class for a $6 fee. They are testing Wi-Fi access as part of the service and if all goes well, smartphone and laptop users will able to access BlackBerry email and instant messaging as well as Yahoo! equivalents. This isn’t the first time the BlackBerry has taken to the skies, but it seems a little more restrictive than other services.

Viigo gets updated, includes Google Reader support


BBCool to GoViigo released a little update today, the biggest change being support for feed aggregators like Google Reader. There’s also a few ads from American Express kicking around… They’re few and far between, pretty nondescript, and don’t distract too much from your reading. Aside from that, Viigo’s seen a few usability changes, like taking out the My Channels bar to make a bit more room for feeds, as well as supporting native fonts. I’ve had a few issues with Viigo’s feed menu text size when trying out new themes, so the native font support is a nice addition. There’s also a new E-Mail to Me menu option from articles, for when you’re sure you want to look at something on the big screen later on. As for aggregators, Viigo is now allowing you to add existing OPML files from aggregators such as Google Reader, My Yahoo! and Bloglines. It’s a bit tricky to find, though – go to Add Channels, Add your own channel, and Add Aggregator.

For those who haven’t tried it out, Viigo is a great little thing that lets you bring all of your RSS feeds under one roof for quick reading, as well as providing an impressive catalogue of feeds to allow you to find new content. I’m tempted to not call it an RSS reader anymore, since I’ve been getting promises galore from the Viigo guys that RSS is just the beginning. Cryptic, no? It’s a great little app, it’s free, and you can pick up BBCool’s version right here, or over the air at

Scanbuy announces BlackBerry compatability


ScanbuyScanbuy has announced that their 2D barcode scanning app for cameraphones is now available for BlackBerry. Using their software, you can now take pictures of particular barcodes similar to those being worked into airports with your Pearl or Curve to access related content like music, pictures and information. They’ve already got a bunch of partners doing some pretty interesting things with the technology, such as the Paris Metro which delivers point of interest and transit information using the barcodes, and Codilink who’s using it to deliver and redeem coupons. There are a lot of great opportunities for this kind of stuff, that’s for sure.