Review: WorldMate Live

WorldMate LiveWorldMate Live has quickly become the BlackBerry user’s companion of choice, and for good reason. By using a highly-detailed but cleanly-designed web interface to take in your travel information (such as transportation, lodging, and scheduled meetings), information for entire trips can get pushed out to your BlackBerry and keep you on track the whole visit. Extras such as a time zone calculator, currency converter, weather, phone directories and BlackBerry Maps integration make WorldMate Live a no-brainer for anyone hitting the skies.

As a BlackBerry user, I’m used to user interfaces being somewhat straightforward (read: ass-ugly), but WorldMate Live was shockingly pretty compared to the majority of BlackBerry software out there. The world clocks have a nice shine to ‘em, the loading window has a hypnotic, shiny swoosh to keep you entertained, and the little bit of colour gradient really goes a long way. The layout is crisp and suits the BlackBerry perfectly. You know how some apps that were ported over from another platform, like Windows Mobile, don’t really feel natural on BlackBerry? Well, WorldMate Live’s navigation makes perfect sense - it uses menus apporpriately, but minimizes clicks as much as possible. The web client is equally great to use. One really handy feature was how auto-complete suggestions would pop up under the text box when punching in flight information.

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  1. 1 Dr. C

    Nice idea - cannot get it to work - I may be doing something wrong - but am completely at a loss as to how to get help - after at least 10 e-mails, not response. I would like to upgrade but cannot get the free version to work and they won’t respond. I take that as a sign.

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