Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta released

Another bit of news out of the Consumer Electronics Show is the release of version 3 of Yahoo Go for BlackBerry is now available from At first glance, it looks like Google-style software suite, but Yahoo’s bringing some pretty cool stuff to the table, including mobile widgets. Right now they’ve only got some for MySpace, MTV and soon eBay, but it still looks like a good platform with lots of growth in it. Still, Yahoo Go! looks more about getting extra features like e-mail and maps that BlackBerrys already have included. For more info on the new version of Yahoo! Go, take a look over here.

4 Responses to “Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta released”

  1. 1 rosemarie Pennix


  2. 2 Christopher Cox

    Is it me or is it kind of slow?

  3. 3 Sal

    Go 2 was SLOW as hell on my 8300. I only have about 65pics on my phone and when I wanted to upload to flickr, it took about 4mins to load the pics. At least in 3.0beta it takes a little less.

  4. 4 Jay

    Everytime I try to download it for my 8130, I keep getting told that it’s not compatible. For that matter, neither was the 2.0 version. Would love to try it though.

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