Mobile email optimization solution for marketers

EarthTimes has received a press release from ExactTarget about the release of their Mobile Email Optimization Solution, which allows marketers to view and compare emails on a variety of different handsets before sending them out. Marketers have been wary of email messages on smartphones, as the wide variety of OSes, screen sizes, and applications makes it difficult to have them appear correctly on all phones. ExactTarget’s solution allows them to view the messages as they would appear on phones running the BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and more, and gives tips on malformed or other less-than-optimum formatting in the email itself. While the application is certainly full-featured and interesting, I don’t know how excited I am about anything that might cause more spam to appear in my email.

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Al Iverson
February 4th, 2008 at 4:18 pm

The tool (which is pretty neat) doesn’t enable spam. It helps with making rendering decisions. ExactTarget is an email service provider with an actively staffed policy enforcement team, which I run. We don’t allow spam, nor do we buy lists/sell lists/whatever. It’s an email tool that legitimate folks can use to email their own customers. People that try to use our tools to send spam generally have a brief and very unhappy tenure here. If you have any specific client issues you’d like assistance with, or would like more information, feel free to contact me at abuse at, which me and my team of four handle.

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