Smartphone usage on the rise

A graph showing customer satisfactionA new report from ChangeWave indicates that more and more cell phone users are planning a switch to more advanced models, and RIM and Apple are leading the pack. Of 4,182 consumers polled, 15% said they would be buying a phone from RIM in the next 6 months, while 17% said they’d be purchasing an iPhone. RIM was behind only Apple in customer satisfaction, ringing in at 55% compared the the iPhone’s 72%. While second place is nothing to sneeze at, things look even brighter when compared with the previous report in October. Apple’s customer satisfaction has fallen a whopping 10 points, mirrored to a lesser degree by every other smartphone company save RIM, who has risen 4 points. RIM also shows more momentum than Apple in those planning to purchase a new phone in the next 6 months: while while Apple has risen only 1 point since October, RIM has risen 3. The next report should be very interesting.

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