Balsillie gives a nod to enterprise social networking

Jim-dogA gem out of Barcelona is a comment from RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie endorsing social networking for enterprise, as it could seriously benefit carriers’ data revenue.

And change is afoot elsewhere too, according to Balsillie, who said a B2B [business to business] social-networking revolution is coming that will bring networking benefits to the enterprise and also help drive data usage. “Once social networking becomes a B2B phenomenon — not unlike IM and texting — I believe every single social-networking user will want a data plan,” he told the Mobile World Congress audience.

The Facebook application was obviously a nod to the current social network of choice, but no doubt a business-oriented one like Plaxo that is fully accessible on BlackBerry would be a boon to RIM’s massive enterprise customer base. Maybe there’s something in the works…? Thanks Stefano!

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