Viigo teases with project Tango, featuring audio

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Hrmmm… Viigo’s launched a teaser site for WES, with a very interesting graphic… What’s under that red veil, just beneath the WES 2008 channel… does that say Audio? Audio. For real? Are we talking podcasts, here? Could those clever dudes at Viigo have figured out a way to get files bigger than 5 megs to our BlackBerrys? Or maybe they’ve been in cahoots with RIM and are going to be capitalizing on much-rumored streaming audio support… It’s exciting stuff, but we’ll have to wait until WES to find out. Just below it looks like a stocks/finance channel, and beneath that travel, maybe? If Viigo’s staying free, it’s going to be an more killer app than it already is. It really isn’t just about RSS anymore. If you haven’t check it out, download the latest version for free over here.

  • I hear you there, Bla1ze. One thing I would kind of like to see to allay that is a call-in system so that you could still listen to audio files if data service wasn't available. Probably a bit more complicated to set up, but it would really help us Canadians out.
  • Bla1ze
    This would be great news to have an extension past the 5 mb and to have the audio...BUT...taking under consideration that I live in Canada...this would MURDER!! my piddly 25MB data plan that I foolishly pay $90 bucks long as RIM could force Canadian carriers to lower data rates...this would be awesome, but until then..pfft!! Good job to viigo, if whats said turns to be true but i'll never be able to make use of it.
  • Good call, Zyph. Here it is, just on an HTC Touch...
  • zyphbear
    Actually if you go to viigo's main site (or also you get redirected there after entering your email to get the link), the graphic is slightly different, the "Audio" is visible and much more pronouced as well as an icon that looks like a tower with a "signal" and it looks like it's marked as "Project Tango".

    I also noticed the Teaser page actually says "Viigo and RIM", so maybe RIM is helping them find a special workaround for the 5 MBb Limit that will currently be exclusive to Viigo?
  • portorikan
    I've been using Newsgator Go! most recently because of synchronization, but it doesn't seem to be working too well recently, and the fact that it doesn't show photos or download in the background (or at least as efficiently as Viigo) is seriously making me reconsider using it. As much as I love synchronization, Newsgator Go! is leaving much to be desired for me right now, so I'm thinking about jumping back to Viigo.

    Hopefully, some good news about synchronizing with Newsgator will happen, but I don't know.
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