BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1SP5 overview


The RIM webinar announced earlier this month, featuring an overview of the upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1SP 5 release, wrapped up yesterday. The Boy Genius Report managed to snag the slides from the presentation. The software, which we’ve finally learned will be released on the 29th, is a free upgrade for all current 4.1 users or a $999 upgrade for 4.0.X users. New features and enhancements include rich text content like active hyperlinking and embedded images, remote email search and download, and free/busy lookup for finding the best free slots on calenders. There’s also native attachment viewing and editing and OTA software loading, which should make future updates easier on the IT department. There’s not a whole lot that we haven’t known about since WES ‘07, but a solid release date and price point is certainly nice to have.

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  1. 1 ken humphlett

    I watched this website and the guy said the software would be up on the site in 2-3 weeks. I don’t know where the date of the 29th comes from.

  2. 2 ken humphlett

    That is, I watched the webcast.

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