Exhibitor Spotlight: MSC Mobility

For our third Exhibitor Spotlight — the first two were BlackLine GPS and OtterBox, covered in Episode 18 of our podcast — we’re taking a look at MSC Mobility. The company offers a number of solutions to give company employees access to their email, contacts, calendars, and other data while out of the office, freeing up IT staff and other personnel for more time-consuming or critical tasks. At WES, they’ll be demonstrating Forms2Mobile. Much like GeoAge’s FAST, Forms2Mobile allows companies to push out new forms to employees’ phones and have any submitted data returned to their server almost immediately. Forms2Mobile, however, is designed with non-technical users in mind and is very easy to use even for the complete layman. Check it out, and if you’re going to be exhibiting, be sure to sign up for the Best of WES Awards!

Posted by Devin Kent in WES '08, News

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