BlackBerry Cool gets ready for WES

WESRIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium is rapidly approaching, and we’re gearing up for it here at BBCool HQ. Since the official clock is off by about a week, we thought we’d get our own countdown happening on the right-side column. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve got in store for the biggest BlackBerry event for the year.

- The Best of WES Awards: We’ll be working closely with both the BlackBerry community and developers to determine the hottest of the hot at WES. All the bases will be covered, from IT to accessories to software to services.

- Exhibitor Spotlight: Every week counting down to WES, we’ll be talking with exhibitors on our podcast about what they do and what we can look forward to from them when May 13th. rolls around.

- Video: We’ll be on the scene talking with developers, scoping out new products, and interviewing the hotshots of the BlackBerry world.

- Pictures: You’ll get a good feel for the WES show floor with nice clean snaps of new toys, attendees, and if you’re lucky, the ridiculous dude in the giant BlackBerry suit.

- Twitter: We’ll be thumbing out quick, constant updates over the microblogging platform of choice. It’ll feel like you’re right there cruising the booths with us.

- Viigo: If you’re there at WES and you want to stay tuned to everything going on, we’ll have a WES RSS feed registered with Viigo which will show not only our WES blog posts, but also our ongoing Twitter coverage.

- Podcasts: Every day of the conference we’ll be hooking up with the Mobile Computing Authority to get their insights on the big bombs that are bound to drop at this year’s WES. Can you say “BlackBerry 9000″?

- Interviews: We’ll be uploading short and sweet sound bytes right from the convention floor. You’ll be able to get quick snapshots of many of the great exhibitors at WES this year.

- Keynote Speakers: We’ll be taking a microscope to the keynote speakers, and going over exactly what makes what they say such a big deal.

- Posts: Just because we’re busy running around in Florida doesn’t mean the sweet, sweet flow of newsposts needs to stop. Our resident greenhorn Devin Kent will be holding down the fort and keeping up with everything else happening in the wide world of BlackBerry.

It sounds like a lot, but we’ll have three BBCool staffers roaming the halls of the World Center taking care of business. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool gets ready for WES”

  1. 1 Fanfan


    i manage a (the)french blog on BlackBerry, i was at WES last year and come again this year, great reader of your blog i hope we will meet !

  2. 2 SKhan

    WES May 2008 will be the biggest event for BlackBerry in this year. RIM rocks, they are too good to play with the new technologies in their devices and results are clear in the shape of BlackBerry popularity!! Wish to be there if every thing went on schedule.

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