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Another BlackBerry-centric social networking site

Feb 28, 2008: 

BlackBerry Ave. has the usual features of a social networking site like basic demographic information and interests, but has some unique features such as the ability to upload 1000 MB worth of files to share with other users. It also allows you to list your specific BlackBerry model and PIN.

RIM prepping Eclipse plug-in for developers

Feb 27, 2008: 

Open source development tools for a not-so-open-source platform? Apparently.

Carbon-tracking software coming to BlackBerry

Feb 27, 2008: 

Ever wonder exactly how much you’re destroying the atmosphere? Soon you’ll be able to find out!

BlackBerry sales to improve in Taiwan?

Feb 27, 2008: 

Sales of only around 3,000 phones prompt RIM to include more language support, which they hope will push sales in the region to over 11,000.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: InterNoded

Feb 27, 2008: 

Their software attempts to eliminate a lot of the mundane, repetitive work necessary to deploy and manage applications.

Blue Systems offers financial software

Feb 27, 2008: 

Blue Mobile offers customizable alerts via email or instant messenger, many different chart options, and in-depth information on specific companies and stocks.

OtterBox launches Pearl 2 case

Feb 26, 2008: 

The master of BlackBerry disaster has now given the BlackBerry 8110, 8120 and 8130 the classy Defender Series treatment.

UK Owners Lounge launched

Feb 26, 2008: 

The new Owners Lounge looks to be holding a few new features that we won’t be getting in the North American one. Aw.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: MSC Mobility

Feb 26, 2008: 

MSC Mobility will be showing off Forms2Mobile at WES, which allows enterprises to push forms out to many employees and get results back instantly.

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