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Carbon-tracking software coming to BlackBerry


Carbon HeroCarbon Hero is a cool project still in development, aiming to determine what modes of transportation you’re using via GPS and calculating the associated carbon usage. Although tested with GPS on Nokia smartphones already, the final product will be using a new European positioning system called Gallileo, which claims to be accurate to under a metre. BlackBerry support is underway, but Gallileo won’t be online until 2013, so it could still be awhile until we see a release. The big thing with Carbon Hero is that it will be largely automated, with as little user input as possible and simply providing the information about how much you’re ruining the planet. Talk about low maintenance guilt-tripping.

BlackBerry sales to improve in Taiwan?


Taiwan’s FlagAccording to The Washington Post, BlackBerry sales in Taiwan have suffered due to language issues, but things are looking up. Phones in Taiwan currently use Pinyin, which uses Latin characters to phonetically spell out the sounds that more complicated Chinese character sets like Zhuyin represent. No support for Zhuyin has been available, leading to disappointing sales of only 3,000 to 3,500 BlackBerrys in the region. RIM is scheduled to release two phones supporting Zhuyin in the second quarter of this year, and hopes to increase sales to 11,000 or higher. Asian character support has always been a trial for the computer industry, especially for cramped phone keyboards, but things definitely been improving for BlackBerry users.

Vodafone UK launches Sat Nav on BlackBerry 8110


VodafoneDubbed the “first operator-branded mobile navigation service aimed at consumers in the UK“, Telmap has shipped out their navigation software to Vodafone customers in the UK packing the GPS Pearl. Sat Nav provides traffic alerts, local search, directions, and access to points of interest. This is the same kit that went along with the BlackBerry 8310 launch and just like then, a year of free service will be provided for those picking up the BlackBerry 8110 for the first time. For everyone else, it’ll cost £5 per month, with the first month on the house.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: InterNoded


InterNoded logoNext up in our Exhibitor Spotlight series: InterNoded. These guys offer managed services for carriers and large, medium, and small-scale businesses. Their flagship BlackBerry product, which they will be demonstrating at WES, is InterNoded Mobile Device Management. The software attempts to eliminate a lot of the mundane, repetitive work necessary to deploy and manage applications, allowing technical staff to set up rules for deployment, and delegate the rest of the workload to other staff.

Blue Systems offers financial software


Blue Systems logoA post on the Pinstack forums alerted us to Blue Systems, a relative newcomer to the world of financial services. Though founded in 2002, the company has only just now released Blue and Blue Mobile, their only two products, after five years of R&D. Blue Mobile, like Quotestream, allows users to track stocks, financial news, and other information directly from their phone. The software offers customizable alerts via email or instant messenger, many different chart options, and in-depth information on specific companies and stocks.

OtterBox launches Pearl 2 case


OtterBox 1936As hinted in our last podcast, OtterBox has released an updated version of their Pearl Defender Series case for the BlackBerry 8110, 8120 and 8130. The OtterBox 1936 accommodates the slight changes in the Pearl design, such as the camera, and it looks like it will handle the microSD memory card slot, too. Be sure to keep an eye on our accessories update in the top-right of the site, or if you’re packing an older Pearl, you can grab it over here. If you’d like to see just how well the Defender Series works, check out our review.