This Hour Has 22 Minutes parodies RIM

A Canadian sketch show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes did a hilarious send up of the financial error RIM made back in March of last year. Some erroneous stock options were granted causing RIM to restate results all the way from 2004 onwards to correct everything. This was the whole debacle that caused Jim Balsillie to step down as chairman, though he remained co-CEO. The video gives a unique insight at what it’s really like at RIM, and likely in boardrooms around the world. It’s an older episode, but you can check it out, or view a list of other favorites from the staff at CBS.

3 Responses to “This Hour Has 22 Minutes parodies RIM”

  1. 1 Kevin Michaluk

    Funny! I was sitting at home blogging last night when this replay came on the air! Searched YouTube for it to put up on the site but couldn’t find it. Good work digging it out on the CBC site. Made me laugh!

  2. 2 CBC Fan

    Rick Mercer, o