BlackBerry backs Black-Eyed Peas frontman will be getting the mobile treatment soon, as RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie aims to bring music and social networking to BlackBerry:

‘Probably the two hottest trends in wireless are social networking … and the other one is the multimedia, which is principally portable music,’ Balsillie said. … Balsillie said users currently view social networking and downloading music and other multimedia as two separate experiences. Increasingly, he believes, they are merging into one.

He’s got a cool idea of where social networking is going, but we’re not sure how much that has to do with’s, which is more about political blogging than anything else. Outside of testing the technological waters for video and audio content accessible on BlackBerry, it’s pretty interesting to see a politically tight-lipped Balsillie throw his chips into a high profile pro-Obama campaign. His interest in promoting politics in general, however, is long-standing.

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