Facebook Event and Google Map for WES

WESStefano just recently launched his own fan page on Facebook, and in the process I noticed he had an Event set up for WES already, which was a great idea. So we stole it. Anyone already on our fan page got a mail-out last night about it, and we’ve already got a few confirmed attendees. The Facebook event should be a great place to share pictures, videos, and posted items for WES, as well as give you an idea of some of the faces you’ll be seeing around Orlando in May.

While polishing off the Event page, I noticed the location field links up to a Google Map of the convention center. Before long, a WES ‘08 Google Map was set up, where anyone can add points of interest that WES-goers would find helpful, like venues for parties, hotels, and anything else that might be good to know in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t gotten around to including saved maps access on mobile, so the big use will be in preparation. In any case, if you’ll be attending, check it out!

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