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The iPhone 2.0 roadmap has been laid out, and a big stop on it is enterprise support. That’s counting push e-mail, contacts, and calendar over Exchange servers, as well as Cisco VPN functions. It was easier to brush off the iPhone and BlackBerry as mutually exclusive up to this point, but push e-mail is seriously stepping on BlackBerry turf, and enterprise customers will now have another viable option to consider when shopping around. BlackBerrys won’t be shoved out of the office any time soon, but increased enterprise support from Apple will no doubt win over more than a few pairs of thumbs. So here’s the question of the week: What will it take to get suits to switch from BlackBerry to the iPhone? Apple’s still in the testing phase, so there’s still plenty of features and additions to take into consideration.

The one who nails the challenges that need to be met will get a copy of FlipSide, in the vain hope that swooshy album covers on your music player will get you to stick with BlackBerry.

In addition to last week’s entrants, we got one more from Kyle, which was aiming to match up with Bplay’s Democrat theme. Awesome idea Kyle, and you might be seeing a skin/theme combo sooner than you think…

Although Flower was pretty slick, we’re going to give the win to Urban Grunge. The screen background fits really nicely with the skin, the battered look suits the style better than Retro Flower and it appeals nicely to the guitarist demographic. Our first place prize pack starts off with $50 cash, with 10 skins from DecalGirl thrown in, along with 3 themes from Bplay, as well as a copy of FlipSide, appropriate for Urban Grunge’s musical flavour. Best of all, you’ll be seeing Urban Grunge up on DecalGirl very soon, so keep your eyes out! Thanks a lot for the entries, everyone! Our two runner-ups will be getting a game from Bplay and a skin from DecalGirl for their artistic endeavors. This was a great first run, and we hope to do something like this again soon!

  • Paul
    This site is for Blackberry iPhones only. :)
  • Jletendre
    Coming from the Admin side of this and having supported Blackberry since the 957 days (2001),I am both excited by the iphone and annoyed by it.

    Take away the GUI and it's not doing anything new, touch screen and devices with more functionality have been available for awhile.

    The Exchange ActiveSync was needed, EAS is not some holy grail as we've also supported Windows Mobile for 2 years and the adoption rate was actually reversed back to Blackberry as users got tired of device lock ups, EAS stop working etc. No word how the already poor battery life of the iphone will be impacted by EAS, it's a hog! At the end of the day Blackberry is a stable device thats easy for users to understand and function.

    There was no word if / when System Center 2007 Device Manager is supported but that would give Blackberry to iphone a more level playing field, and true TCO comparasion. Again this is large corporations who do have security policues and concerns about data leakage etc. A mobile professional or small business is likely the big market for iphone. So if I compare Exchange CAl, SCDM CAL to BES CAL, T-Support I'm thinking it's going to be a wash cost wise.

    Device price is a big difference, you can get the 8800 series for next to nothing when bought in bulk compared to the iphone price, don't see us rolling 200 iphones out anytime soon and as noted it's only at&t for the next couple years. We have blackberries from just about every carrier that exsists, different areas of the country, global etc. Apple needs to get other carriers bottom line.

    Apple makes a big todo about the SDK when Blackberry has had a very robust SDK with low cost to develop your own app, no need to give Apple 30%, a big concern is the need for itunes on the pc and how to lock down company devices from accessing the "Appstore" how do we control that??

    Speaking with our legal/complaince area they have much concern about the ability to put media (audio/video) on mobile devices as much would likely not be obtained legally so how is that controlled? No company wants the RIAA/MPAA beating down their door to validate the content on corporate devices.
  • Dennis Spencer
    Can you help me with my BlackBerry phone
  • Bla1ze
    How about making it not hackable just simply by visiting a website...
  • Matthew Clapp
    I love the iPhone but it will never happen. Not while the iPhone is chained to AT&T. Many large companies are already locked into contracts with other large carriers.
  • Tracy Whitt
    From a corporate perspective I think these things will need to happen:

    1.) BES. Exchange sync is great but If I am a IT manager I need to have the ability to control content and Security. The ability to lock the camera out. Control the device as if it were a PC in a corporate infrastructure. This is still a HUGE deal for corporations. Remote wipe is nice but still a very narrow option for security.

    2.) 3rd party Office Mobile support. It does me no good if I have people out in the field if they cannot get there documents and spreadsheets. At minimum Word and Excel support. They will need to be able to edit them.

    3.)options for both Edge and 3G That way if I am only using the mail I don't have to buy expensive data plans for 100 people.

    4.)Must use multiple providers. I need to know that where my people go they will be able to get in. If I already have a provider I as a company do not want to switch to a new provider and pay for the new phones. Major $$$$

    5.) Cost if I am buying 50+ phones I do not want to spend 400.00 per phone plus 60.00 per user per plan. Way to much $$$

    6.) An option for one without a camera for the tightest security.

    7.) removable battery. I cannot have a employee down because they need a battery. Or spend hours waiting to get one replaced. The ability to buy extended batteries if the option is needed for long times between charges.

    8.) Something simple as a flash for the camera. I often have to take pictures in a server room or rack where lighting is limited and the flash is a big plus

    9.) Ebook readers. I store allot of PDF and instructional books that need to be viewed out in the field and I need that support. They need to be able to be stored on the device in case I cannot get into the internet.

    10.) Surprisingly this one is very important. A real keypad. As easy as the iphone screen is to use many corporate users simply will not like or use them. We had the opportunity to get phones with touch screens that had flip open keyboards several of our VP's did not like that it was harder to make a call. It is very easy to dial a number with a Blackberry.

    11.) Open Bluetooth. The option to use the bluetooth with any items and the option to use bluetooth GPS. If I already have a phone capable of storing maps but cannot connect a GPS receiver then I have to also buy them all a GPS
    which means allot more $$ Cost of ownership need to stay low.

    12.) Pin Connect. This is a feature that is often overlooked on a blackberry. It should not be. Both pin mail and pin messaging are very important features
    we use. They are fast, Secure, and always on. It allows me to im anyone with a blackberry and know in a minute or so they will have it. We can send files directly to the phone and also record voice in a hurry. These are very fast options. The files are very impressive how fast even through edge.

    13.) Video recording. Not as important but we have used it a few times and it comes in handy.

    14.)Multiple handset option not a one size fits all.

    In the end the major thing is BES. For companies out there the 2 things that will keep the Blackberry in the hands of it's users will be the security that BES offers. In times when most companies that have new mobile users are trying to figure out how to get proper policies and procedures working the blackberry owners are already there and have been for sometime.

    The other Will be cost of ownership and hands down the Apple is expensive with only one provider expensive talk and data plans with little customizations and the lack of bluetooth options I mean no AD2P on an ipod is just silly. No GPS options. Blackberry cannot sit around hoping that all goes well though. Once the gauntlet is throw down by Apple they will pursue. It will be RIM's job to talk with it's user base continue to think in terms of what both business and consumers want, and deploy them in a timely manner. Blackberry already has an upper hand in it has several different phone options not a one size fits all.

  • Adam
    I could see our suits switching if the iPhone added Microsoft Office support to allow for reading and editing using the touchscreen to navigate documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Paul
    Aside from what has already been proposed. Here is what I think the iPhone will need to do to make the "suits" switch.

    1) Loose the camera and up the security features. BES users like to lock their phones!
    2) Make it affordable to purchase multiple phones at once. See Bell's buy 1 Blackberry and get 4 free!
    3) Upgrade to 3G. or at least drop the EDGE.
    4) I'm not sure if this is big outside of Canada but I have the world edition so I can do both CDMA and GSM.
    5) Build it for easy IT setup so that IT departments can control how the phones are setup and deployed.

    just my 2cents.
    Cheers, Paul
  • jon fisher
    Nothing will be needed - they're going to start switching already. If Apple can get their systems validated for FIPS 140-1 and other security certification necessary for government/military use there'll be nothing BlackBerry offers that Apple don't other than the ability to use any carrier and cost. I hate to say this because I've got a pretty big dislike for Apple in general.

    Already got FlipSide - and bloody good it is too, by far the slickest app i've seen for BlackBerry.
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