Review: StudentBerry

StudentBerryThe time-management app for students got a little upgrade awhile back, which was our cue to take a look. StudentBerry is a mishmash of calendar, tasks and contact management geared specifically towards the student lifestyle. Balancing my time back in university was a definite challenge, but hopefully those still deep in the mines of academia hacking out papers and assignments will find a bit of use in this app.

StudentBerry has a great layout, showing plenty of information while still being clean and functional. The top bar describes what view you’re currently using, be it through a class-based filter, a monthly view, due today, or others. The second, slimmer bar shows the date or date range depending on the active view, and the third bar gives you access to many of those views. Other views, like “Next X Days” are accessible from the menu key. You can also add tasks, projects, and classes from the view bar as well. Each class has its own subheading, splitting up your assignments in easily visible chunks, and finally, a bottom bar displays any notes you’ve attached to tasks.

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