Indian BlackBerrys safe from ban

IndiaThe worst case scenario stemming from last week’s security concers has been averted, as top Indian officials have ruled out the possibility of a BlackBerry ban.

“There is no question of banning at this point,” Telecoms Secretary Siddhartha Behura told reporters on the sidelines of an industry conference. “We are not interested that we say BlackBerry will not used in this country,” he said, adding the telecoms department was “very keen” the services should continue.

The goal at this point is simply to get carriers, namely Reliance and Bharti Airtel, to pressure RIM into providing some key security information to government officials. It’s certainly a sign of good faith that the department is still enthusiastic about BlackBerry service, but the fact remains that if RIM wants to play nice, they’ll comply and fork over the codes.

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