RIM getting in on motion-sensing?

Stefano has spotted an Italian article which alludes to a new patent filing from RIM which would detect if you’re holding your BlackBerry in landscape or portrait orientation. Sound familiar? This patent would allow phone functions to appear when in portrait mode, and multimedia functions when in landscape. With all the talk about touchscreens as is, it feels like RIM’s researchers are clinging to Apple’s coattails, let alone with rumors of an accelerometer patent. In any case, nothing has been found after rooting through the FCC database, but if you find anything, be sure to drop a comment.

“For a long time it is spoken about “iPhone” about Rim, a device similar for conception and target of market to the telephone of Apple. To signal it there are various sensitive indications that head for screen to the tact and Blackberry with functions consumer. Between the elements it means has joined some days before a new licence to you that, if put in practical, could very approach to the devices you of the producer of Waterloo Cupertino.

“patent” in issue it is a system that will allow the Blackberry to understand the guideline (horizontal or vertical), adapting the human interface consequently. The system works in way much similar one to the sensor of guideline of iPhone and iPod Touch, but to the simple variation of the vision of the contents, in the case of Rim could be put into effect also one modification of the function. In vertical the Blackberry it would operate ad hoc like telephone, with tastierino numerical and display (all the virtual one); in horizontal, the telephone would introduce one keyboard, always virtual, Qwerty (or Azerty or Qwertz) with layout configurabile for multimediali tasks. In practical terms us in order to be annoying in Internet, to write mail or to see film, the Blackberry would have to be held in horizontal, in order to telephone in vertical.

Rim, like famous, at the moment is engaged to chase to new markets specifically that one consumer offering dispositi ruotano multifunction to you that around to the concept of iPhone. A product of this type would allow them to attack the niche that currently is saldamente in the hands of Apple.”

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