BlackBerry 8120 available on T-Mobile April 14th?

It seems like T-Mobile is having some trouble getting BlackBerrys out the door. Just like the 8820, the Wi-Fi enabled 8120 has been pushed back to April 14th according to a post on the Pinstack forums. It was originally rumored for release on February 18th, but that date has obviously come and gone. “A little birdie” told the user about the date, so this is definitely stashed under the rumor category, but it’s a pretty plausible one.

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4 Responses to “BlackBerry 8120 available on T-Mobile April 14th?”

  1. 1 ledzepp

    i’ll beleive it when i see it…

  2. 2 Jim

    This footdragging on delivering new products by T-Mobile is quite frustrating. Suncom (a recent T-Mobile aquiree) has had the 8120 for quite some time and Cincinnati Bell has had it since October or November. Not to mention that the 8120 was originally released in Spain (Spain!?). By the time T-Mobile finally gets around to releasing the 8120, many who have been waiting might as well wait for the next big thing. Like G3, another long awaited feature.

    The worst part of this waiting game is when you contact CS to inquire about the 8120 and they have no knowledge. Drives me nuts!

  3. 3 Andy Maietta

    I have spoken to T-Mobile it WILL be launched on the 14th. I am going to preorder asap…just to let you guys know

  4. 4 Acmephoto - Phoenix


    How do you preorder? I called CS, they had no idea about a “preorder”.


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