Hockey Scores for BlackBerry updated to version 1.5 with more stats



Hockey Scores for BlackBerry has been upgraded to version 1.5 for all supported devices, and is now available for free through BlackBerry App World. The app has resolved many of the issues that has caused the service to temporarily go down, as well the app has been optimized to improve battery life.

New features you will find in version 1.5 include:

  • Improved battery life.
  • Face off percentages.
  • Hits.
  • Corsi number.
  • List of goal scorers.
  • French language support.
  • Font and color options.

Download Hockey Scores from App World for free. The app supports all BlackBerrys running OS 4.6 or newer, but Pearl Flip owners lose the goal scorers features due to screen size.


Visible Vote updated to version 1.5 with more democratic features


It has been a couple months or so since we last updated you on Visible Vote for BlackBerry. They have just launched version 1.5 of the app, which is available on App World, and they’re up to 56,000 users.

Since the last update, there are three major features to check out:

    1. One Click Call Your Reps - You can now call each rep that represents you with one click of a button inside the app
    2. Universal Comments - You can now leave comments on reps and bills for the entire Visible Vote community to see and respond to
    3. Verification Program on Signup - You can verify your account via text messaging, this is optional but some legislators have said it would be useful.

Visible Vote have also applied to become a BlackBerry partner, so they can get access to the BIS protocol. This means older BlackBerry models will soon be supported.

Download Visible Vote from App World or the Visible Vote site.


UPS announce BlackBerry app for shipping, quotes and tracking


UPS have announced their UPS Mobile app for BlackBerry. Considering the number of small and medium sized businesses that rely on BlackBerry, UPS should have launched this ages ago.

The app will be available tomorrow on App World, and it allows users to track and create shipments using the My UPS address book, calculate shipping rates and transit times, as well as find the nearest UPS location. Tracking packages doesn’t require a login, and the app shows a history of tracked shipments. Another great feature is the ability to rename tracking numbers, so tracking multiple packages is a breeze.

For more information, see the official UPS site and be sure to check App World tomorrow.


Elecite relaunch site with 50% off promotion


The new Elecite site is up and it’s looking really nice, except for in the top right corner where they have a tab that simply displays question marks and a 404-type of message. I’m sure they’ll fix that very soon. With the launch of their new site, Elecite are having a huge sale where they’re offering 50% off all themes. There is no coupon code required and the sale lasts for 2 weeks.

Go to Elecite and get your themes on sale today.


First Orion launch PrivacyStar to block telemarketers and report offenders



First Orion have announced PrivacyStar, a new BlackBerry app that allows users to block calls from telemarketers, automatically report Do Not Call Registry violators to the Federal Trade Commission, reverse lookup unknown calls and more.

Here are some features and a quick breakdown of the app:

  • Simple to Use – After receiving an unwanted call, select the number from the call log to add to the Privacy List and that call will be blocked in the future.
  • Report Potential Telemarketing Violations – Upon the user’s request, PrivacyStar captures detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity. PrivacyStar easily allows users to provide this information to law enforcement authorities so they may take action.
  • Caller Lookup – After receiving a call from a number that is not recognized (not in the contacts list), PrivacyStar Caller Lookup allows a user to identify unknown callers by name and take appropriate action, such as adding to the contacts list or Privacy List.
  • Web Portal – Utilize the fully integrated personal web portal to manage blocked callers (including unblocking), provide additional details on violations and manage their PrivacyStar account.

PrivacyStar is available free for the first 30 days, and costs $2.99 per month afterwards.


Grab your free holiday wallpapers from MyBlackBerry


I’m not sure if this is new, because I didn’t know until @ASacco pointed it out, but the MyBlackBerry site has some free holiday themed wallpapers that you can install. Some of them are really well done and it’s always nice to have something official. I think it would be good to start including themes rather than wallpapers. RIM has the resources to be able to offer us all free holiday themes.

On that note, what do you guys think of MyBlackBerry?

Check out MyBlackBerry for free holiday wallpapers.


Classique BlackBerry theme keeps it minimalist and inexpensive


The Classique theme is very clean and easy on the eyes. For those that prefer to show off their wallpaper, or don’t use too many icons, this theme is ideal. The other great thing about it is that it doesn’t cost a lot.

Classique is on sale until December 31st for $2.00 (regularly $3.00). The theme comes with support for newer devices such as the Bold 9700, as well as the 8900, Tour and Bold 9000. Just select your device to see if it’s compatible.


Zenprise introduce a User Health Check enhancement to MobileManager


[YouTube link]

Zenprise have announced an enhancement to their MobileManager platform: the User Health Check system. With a 100 point troubleshooting checklist, IT departments can more easily deal with support issues, which will surely jump after the holiday smartphone buying blitz.

The Zenprise User Health Check runs through a 100 point checklist to diagnose and resolve, in real time, the most common user support issues. The checklist is so simple that the average smartphone user could probably run the diagnostic themselves. After performing the diagnostic, Zenrprise will identify potential hardware and software issues with the device, user configuration errors, carrier related problems, backend server issues, or device encryption problems.

Get more information about Zenprise MobileManager.


BlackBerry Messenger official and ready for download



If you’re using the latest version of BBM, you’re most likely running version If you’re interested in trying the latest BBM, head over to from your BlackBerry browser.

The most notable difference here is that SMS is built into the BBM experience. Contacts that are in your BBM list, who send you a text message, will have their threaded SMS conversation in the “Chats” section of BBM. This may not be new to those who are on top of the BBM leaks, but it’s the first I’ve noticed it. Other than that, it’s a lot of maintenance work.


GM to launch BlackBerry app to connect with Chevy Volt


chevy volt app blackberry

This news is a little old but in case you’re a car fanatic and haven’t seen it before, GM will be launching a BlackBerry and iPhone app to go along with the Chevy Volt. Through the application, drivers will be able to set the car to charge at a given time, say after midnight when utility rates are lower. Hopefully the app will include more features, such as the ability to get diagnostics on your car, or reminders when oil and tire changes are due.