SameCell pays out for cell tower info

The free proximity detection service, SameCell, has launched an interesting new cell capture program that pays out two cents for every new cell tower you access on your GPS-enabled BlackBerry. The goal is to compile enough info on tower locations to improve service accuracy, and a pretty clever way to go about it, too. You only get paid out once your earnings hit $25, and even then, you can opt to donate those earnings to a charity instead. If you’re using SameCell anyway, it’s worth giving a shot, since the application just runs quietly in the background.

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Posted by Simon Sage in News

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SameCell Support
March 28th, 2008 at 11:58 am

There appears to be a misunderstanding here…

The application sends three fields of data back to the device. Your device should read as follows:

Cells encountered: 28
Cells discovered: 0
Total Earnings: $0.00

It appears that your device may have been toggling back and forth between two towers while you have been stationary. This is not uncommon, especially in an area with weak coverage. Although we can’t confirm your movements, the “Cells Encountered” field will increment each time you switch cells. Thus, the figure of 28 is not unusual. I can confirm that we have not yet received a GPS cell from you and therefore “Cells Discovered” should read 0. This is consistent with your GPS not being on or not getting a fix.

Thanks for your interest in SameCell,
SameCell Support

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