BlackBerry 8330 getting a memory upgrade?

The latest rumors on the CDMA Curve are suggesting increased internal memory. Right now, the newest BlackBerrys are touting 64 MB, but these screenshots of Sprint’s 8330 show 80 MB of flash memory. Yay upgrades, but a lot of posters are awfully cynical about the news, saying it’s just not enough to keep up with competitors, while others counter that microSD is where the real memory comes from. Cards are getting bigger

7 Responses to “BlackBerry 8330 getting a memory upgrade?”

  1. 1 Seth

    Can you put software on microsd cards or only media? If only media, this memory boost is not enough.

  2. 2 Russell

    I have VZW 8830.

    I have uninstalled Microsoft Live, Yahoo Go!, and few Google apps. I don’t have viigo, handmark, or other apps because I will run out of memory very fast.

    Memory is really cheap. I am wondering why RIM can’t put more memory into their devices. Maybe there is some technical issues like.. 32 bit OS only recognizing 3.5GB or so?

  3. 3 drbyers

    Blackberries make their name on operating efficiency and battery life.

    Add too much stuff on your internal memory and both go out the window.

  4. 4 Russell

    Good efficiency and battery life are good things but when you install few apps, BB memory runs out and messages are gone! So, to be on a safe side, a user has to have just few apps installed. On a BB GPS, Messaging, and Mobile functionalities are essential. In that respect, lack of BB memory doesn’t allow BB to be more functional.

    Yahoo Go is good. It can sync your address to Yahoo address book and have other nice features.
    Live, if your BB can do GSP, you can turn the map on and becomes a live map with traffic report. and the map can “follow” you.
    and Google, I don’t have to tell you about all the google stuff but… if you leave Google map on or forge