New video streaming for BlackBerry

ReelLogoVision’s Movidity has recently announced the launch of their streaming video options for BlackBerry. Aside from their standard YouTube-style site, LogoVision has its crosshairs on enterprise mobile video, streaming video from cameraphones, as well as “large-scale live MultiFeed surveillance”. The streaming video from your BlackBerry sounds awesome, especially after seeing Qik in action. You can grab more information on all of the above over here.

3 Responses to “New video streaming for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 MK

    Just tried this on my 8300 with no luck whatsoever. I couldn’t get past the “Connecting” screen. I saw what looked to be like the program home screen for a split second, and it looked quite nice, but then right to “Conencting” with no results. I might try again in a few weeks, but it’s been deleted for now. Anyone have any luck?

  2. 2 Akilah R

    Is this compatible with the 8100?

  3. 3 tasha

    Umm how and where can I download this?

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