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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Cerience


Cerience logoRepliGo is the flagship product from Cerience. The software, which can be installed and administrated on BES or via subscription to Cerience, allows users to view a wide variety of files on their BlackBerry. PDFs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs, rich text files, faxes, images, and more can all be accessed directly from your phone. You can even print to an HP PCL Bluetooth printer or fax documents without sitting at a computer. It plays nicely with any other attachment services present on BES, and works with Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, or Lotus Domino.


BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 23


BBCoolRob Woodbridge from Rove graces the BBCool airwaves once more, talking about their two latest releases and their Breakout Session at WES, and we’ve also got Clyde Wagner from SweetCeasar to talk about their new financial converter, Joe Naylor from WebMessenger to give us the lowdown on enterprise IM. Of course we’ve got the week’s news, including the latest on the BlackBerry 9000, the imminent release of the CDMA Curve, and advancements of EDGE speeds. Episode 23 is available in a trifecta of MP3, iTunes and XML feed awesomeness.

Weekly Contest: The Waiting Game


BlackBerry 9000So, we got some nice new piccies of the BlackBerry 9000, paired up with a potential delay until the summer. Hype is a tricky thing to play with; if you drag it out too long, or give away too many details, you risk blowing all the excitement before the main event. The first looks at the BlackBerry 9000 were back in October, and with a rumored delay, we might not be seeing it until the summer. That’s a ten month wait for 3G and a facelift – the big question here? Is it worth the wait? There are plenty of 3G, QWERTY-keypadded handhelds out there already; are the incremental upgrades to BlackBerry’s lineup quick enough to stay competitive? Give us your take on waiting for the BlackBerry 9000, and you can win Bplay’s latest two releases, Sushi Mania and Big Kahuna Words to pass the time until the damn thing comes out. Just for kicks, let’s throw in Crossbar, one of the slickest themes to come out of Bplay yet.

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Fresh BlackBerry 9000 eye candy


9000 comparisonHot diggitty. Engadget’s scoped out some live shots of the BlackBerry 9000 in action. Wi-Fi and HSDPA are confirmed features, and the snaps show off an externally-accessible microSD slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a new ringtones option under the media player, as well as a camera. Sadly, the version numbers have been covered up, so we can’t be sure what BlackBerry OS it’s running right now. It’s packing a slick theme, but all the utilities you’re used to look like they’re right where we left ‘em. Seeing these shots doesn’t make waiting for a delay any easier…

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Screenshots of OS 4.5 on Pearl leaked


OS 4.5Some fresh screenshots of OS 4.5 have emerged for the BlackBerry 8100. The audio equalizer is conspicuously absent from this version, but stereo Bluetooth and folder creation are both a go. Office document support is well on its way, with both PowerPoint and Word editing functioning nicely. The camera’s got a bit of a tweak, now offering some blur detection. On the whole, it looks like this OS is standing nicely on the shoulders of 4.3.

BlackBerry 9000 delayed until Summer?


BlackBerry 9000 Previous info on a WES release for the next generation of BlackBerry could be nixed as the latest rumors are pointing to a July or August release. This would be a tad disappointing, considering all the hype that’s been building up for it over the last couple of months. Lazaridis confirmed HSDPA in the new device recently, and the screen is reportedly going to be fantastic. Waddaya say? Worth the wait?