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Screenshots of OS 4.5 on Pearl leaked


Some fresh screenshots of OS 4.5 have emerged for the BlackBerry 8100. The audio equalizer is conspicuously absent from this version, but stereo Bluetooth and folder creation are both a go. Office document support is well on its way, with both PowerPoint and Word editing functioning nicely. The camera’s got a bit of a tweak, now offering some blur detection. On the whole, it looks like this OS is standing nicely on the shoulders of 4.3.

BlackBerry 9000 delayed until Summer?


BlackBerry 9000 Previous info on a WES release for the next generation of BlackBerry could be nixed as the latest rumors are pointing to a July or August release. This would be a tad disappointing, considering all the hype that’s been building up for it over the last couple of months. Lazaridis confirmed HSDPA in the new device recently, and the screen is reportedly going to be fantastic. Waddaya say? Worth the wait?

Who needs 3G? EDGE getting speed boost


Nokia has unveiled the Dual Carrier EDGE solution, a new technology which could double the speed of EDGE networks, reports Wired. The technology is a software upgrade which will be released some in Q3. If it is a purely software upgrade, chances are good that we could see a roll out on at least some carriers, although that might change if it requires any sort of hardware restructuring. Regardless, the technology will be followed some time later by EGPRS 2, which will again double the speeds up to a max of 1.2 Mbps. There’s definitely an exciting future for us EDGE users.

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