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Rogers to launch French voice-activated search


NuanceNuance has announced that their voice-based search and instant messaging service, Voice Control, will be extending language support for French Rogers customers. Rogers has been pretty good about language support in Canada, so it’s good to see they’re keeping up. Look out for the updated software in April, available on the 8310, 8110, 8800 and Windows Mobile devices.

Vettro teams up for underground asset tracking


TunnelVettro, the developer of asset-tracking software, has recently teamed up with IRTH, to bring underground GPS tracking to BlackBerry and Motorola mobiles. Vettro’s 360 platform includes an electronic white lining technology which has yielded some impressive results.

Based on a recently published company report, the use of the GPS-based mobile white lining functionality alone reduced the average notification area for locate requests by over 89.42% and eliminated over 8% of outbound locate tickets. The report conservatively estimates a potential cost savings of over $120 million nationally in the damage prevention process through use of the mobile application.

By working tightly with IRTH’s One Call system, this new deal will help underground workers quickly find out if it’s safe to dig without busting up gas and electric lines.

SweetCaesar and Oanda release free currency converter


A dollarOanda, a company specializing in foreign exchange services, and SweetCaesar, who develop custom BlackBerry apps, have teamed up to release a mobile version of Oanda’s FXConverter. The software is used around the world to convert over 160 different currencies, from the Afghanistan Afghani to the Zambian Kwacha, usually with rates less than a minute old. FXConverter Mobile puts all the information at your thumbtips, with an easy interface that sorts currencies into alphabetical categories and remembers your recent conversions, and even tells you exactly how many seconds since the rates were updated. Easily used and usable by everyone from casual travelers to millionaire bigwigs.

Rove’s Mobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer available free


Immediately after the release of BEIKS’ free FTP app, BlackBerry users are getting another, and more besides: Mobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer are now available from Rove Mobile free of charge. Mobile File Manager offers a great deal more than just FTP support, allowing users to connect to SFTP, WebDAV, and Windows file shares as well. Mobile Viewer, formerly known as BlackBerry Viewer, displays a BlackBerry’s screen on a computer monitor, making presentations of any BlackBerry app a simple process and allowing for easy screen captures. Both are available free from Rove, so have at it!

Diggnation and company hit up BlackBerrys


DiggGuyAs a regular Diggnation viewer, this is pretty awesome news. Revision3, the creators of such fine videocasts such as the Totally Rad Show, Diggnation, and the new Internet Superstar, are tweaking their mobile site to work with the BlackBerry media player to offer all of their great shows. Unfortunately, the shorter ones like Tekzilla are the only videos that are working on my end right now, so here’s hoping we can get some of the longer stuff soon. Keep an eye on for more!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: BlackLine GPS


blip logoAs their name suggests, BlackLine GPS specializes in GPS software, specifically GPS Snitch, Fuel GPS, Loner, and their latest product, Blip. Snitch, Fuel, and Loner are all GPS hardware devices, allowing you to keep an eye on your car, time your racecar, or, in an emergency, quickly determine the location of an employee who works alone. They also have Blip, which we reviewed back in September, while it was still in beta. Blip allows you to transmit your location to friends, along with a whole host of other social networking features. In our podcast, we spoke to BlackLine about the changes in Blip since the beta, as well as their plans for WES. The promised two new product announcements and teased us with the possibility of finding out just what exactly Stinger GPS is…