Right on Track: Architecting and Managing the Wireless Infrastructure

WESThe Exhibitor Spotlight has been the sum total of our ongoing ramp-up to WES, but there will be lots of talking behind closed doors to help BlackBerry developers, IT personnel, and anyone else working with BlackBerrys. We’re going to start running through each of the four tracks to see which of the 70-odd breakout sessions might be worth checking out and which are probably worth skipping. It’s a veritable buffet of information and insights, but attendees will only have so much time in Orlando. Let’s check out the Architecting and Managing the Wireless Infrastructure, the track geared for IT admins, and see what’s being offered…

So far there’s going to be 25 sessions offered on this track, with new ones added regularly in the WES session catalog. “Getting to Know the BlackBerry Smartphone: Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks” (A10) should be handy - there are always little tricks that even vets never knew about, although it might seem a bit fluffy compared to the other IT-centric sessions. “Architecting a Highly Available BlackBerry Environment” (A12) could be seeing a lot of traffic from BES admins wanting to keep downtime to a minimum, considering the outages over the last couple of months. “The Latest, the Greatest, the Coolest Applications for BlackBerry” (A14) is skippable, as the BlackBerry Owners Lounge already showcases most of the best apps that are available right now.

“Troubleshooting the BlackBerry Solution”, parts 1 and 2 (A2 and A7) could be worthwhile if you’re looking to keep help desk congestion down, as many of the monitoring solutions we’ve looked at this year aim to do. On that note, “Raising the Bar for Your BlackBerry Help Desk” (A3) and “Troubleshooting Methodology - How Typical Problems Get Deconstructed” (A21) would be solid follow-ups, although any philosophy fans out there might get peeved at deconstruction getting bastardized like that.

After talking with Brian Reed from BoxTone about the maturity curve a company sees when it expands its BlackBerry armoury, checking out “Winning at the Upgrade Game- Strategies and Advice for Successful Migrations” (A23) would be a good idea for admins looking to beef up their BES. Speaking of monitoring, “The IT Manager’s Secret Ally: Smart Monitoring and Alerting Tools for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server” (A5), and “Analyze Your BlackBerry Enterprise Server Performance Data” (A25) both promise to show admins the tools that keep servers running smoothly.

“Inside the BlackBerry Solution Deployed at Research In Motion” (A27) sounds really interesting … In theory, RIM should know how to set up their own hardware better than anyone, so getting a look at their deployment could give admins some insights on how to better their own. “Introducing Unified Application Management in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0″ (A4) will be a must see for BES personnel with a lot of enterprise-wide apps to manage, especially if they’re excited for the upcoming BlackBerry server software. “Defying the Threat of Mobile Malware: BlackBerry Security Safeguards” (A29) sounds fairly alarmist, but could show some merit to those in the security end of things.

Aside from breakout sessions there will be certification testing this year for any neophyte BES admins, as well as hands-on labs which offers modules which look at everything from security, to monitoring, to Wi-Fi BlackBerry setup, as well as managing roles and deployment. Week-long access to the lab is available for $199, and registering for the certification exam costs $150.

Take a look at the session list on the next page and let us know what’s catching your eye!

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