India demands local RIM servers

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Barely a week after threatening to shut down RIM’s email service, India Department of Telecom is now demanding that they move some of their servers over to the region, citing security concerns once again. Indian operators like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar are apparently throwing their weight behind the DoT, and RIM execs are expected to make the final decision during an April 9th meeting. The Indian rollout has been plagued with similar security concerns for nearly a month now, but if earlier rumors of RIM planning to set up shop in India are true, a server move should be pretty palatable to them.

  • MD
    these stupid canadian ....... bustards ..... wht do u mean by "even US didnt asked for reloacting the server " where the hell US came in between ....India mean India n why to compare it with ne other country . we have our own rules n regulations if RIM wants to stay in india they hv to fulfil the conditions ... or else can leave .... simple
  • batwinder deepak
    These son of bitches in India are..... enough said!
  • Vaidya Maneesh
    Are these guys in India idiots? Who do they think they are?
    Even US has not asked for that. Reality is no country has ever asked for such move. All the communication is from central servers in Canada. I mean for everyone in the world on RIM

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