Weekly Contest: The Post-9000 Wishlist

BlackBerry 9000With the potential of a front-facing video camera, and the confirmation of a 9100 model in the wings, you gotta wonder what iterations will follow the newest generation of BlackBerry. Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G defined the progression of the 8000 series across its three tracks (Pearl, Curve and 8800), but if the rumored features stick, all of those will be included in the base model. This leaves the question: what features will come after launch? Is a video camera going to be held out for the 9100, or will the old designations stick, resulting in a SureType device like the Pearl? Will CDMA get any more love with this series, perhaps with a few more dual-mode models? You might even want to check out one of our older contests for some inspiration… Let’s hear what you guys want to see in the coming months from the 9000 series, and win Bplay’s recently-launched Texas Hold’Em King 3, along with two other games of your choice, and three BlackBerry skins from DecalGirl.

Yeah, last week’s contest was a little short-lived, but we got a few good entries anyhow. Dave saved his daughter’s purse and avoided some hazardous driving conditions thanks to his BlackBerry, and Brian owes a vacation to his, but I think Ricky will take the cake on this one. Not only did he get a timely medical diagnosis, but his scholastic fate for a whole semester was determined with some speedy BlackBerrying. We’ll get you an OtterBox so your device will be able to handle the rigors of the rugby field, and we’ll also throw in a copy of StudentBerry to keep your classes all in order. Thanks for your tales, guys! Hearing ‘em definitely makes me feel good about carrying the BlackBerry around everywhere.

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April 18th, 2008 at 4:30 pm

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Damian Vines
April 18th, 2008 at 10:45 pm

Who cares what they pack into the phone, Verizon will disable all of the good stuff and make you pay extra to use it, like they do now with GPS. Rediculous! I am stuck with Verizon for reasons beyond my control for now, but I will dump them ASAP!

April 20th, 2008 at 6:49 pm

Short term:
OLED Display
2Gb internal memory
video camera

Long term:

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