OS 4.6 docs leaked, rocking browser upgrade

BlackBerry 9000In a wanton disregard for the stern “Do Not Distribute” footer, BGR has leaked documents outlining the features of OS 4.6, which will be launched with the BlackBerry 9000 this summer. Key points?

-Upgraded browser: Kiss the crappy ol’ BlackBerry browser goodbye. This one looks just like the desktop, and will let you download files just like you would e-mail attachments, alongside inline video streaming (including fullscreen support).
-Automatic playlists: Define criteria, and music playlists will be put together on their own.
-Quick app deletion: No need to go through Options/Advanced/Applications to get rid of memory-hogging programs. Delete will now be a menu option right from the icon area.

Those are the big ones, but there’s plenty of other improvements on the way, including language support, a few BlackBerry Maps changes, security tweaks, and camera options.

7 Responses to “OS 4.6 docs leaked, rocking browser upgrade”

  1. 1 tritan

    Will this be availible to all berries this summer with the release of the 9000? I want a curve on sprint but really wondering if the os will be outdated and it hasn’t released yet.

  2. 2 mb

    I can’t wait til WES 08 so i can get rid of my curve!!

  3. 3 Mike

    Very attractive update. Tritan- If RIMM holds true to form, this OS will be available for all recent (read: consumer aimed) devices such as the Curve

  4. 4 Justin

    I’m going to hope this is released for all devices from the 8100, 8800, and 8300 series as well, not just for the 9000!

  5. 5 Michael

    Will this fix the Multitap problem????

  6. 6 David B

    Anybody’s guess. Hell, RIM can’t even get OS4.5 (aka the re-numbered 4.3.x that’s on the Pearl-2) out for other devices in the 8xxx product line, one can only wonder how long (if ever) before those of us with 81xx, 83xx, or 88xx devices might EVER see an OS4.6 upgrade for us. And the poor 87xx folks are likely completely left out.

  7. 7 Matt

    *sniff* Seems like everytime I finally have a phone that I settle on as my next, there is a better one waiting in the wings.

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