BES 4.1 service pack 5 released

BlackBerry LogoAfter much ado, the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server service pack is available, complete with free/busy lookup and monitoring tools. Rich e-mail viewing was cut from the feature list not too long ago, to the dejected sighs of suits everywhere. On top of that, the release seems to be only for Exchange and Domino, so MDS and Groupwise users will have to play the waiting game.

UPDATE: Heard from a little birdie that the rich text e-mail feature is actually in this service pack, just locked away. Even if you flipped the switch with an SQL command, the handhelds on your BES would need the corresponding handheld software to enjoy the long-awaited feature.

2 Responses to “BES 4.1 service pack 5 released”

  1. 1 Bradley

    It’s out for BES but not yet for BlackBerry Professional (BES Express) … Unless someone has a url? (Or I’m blind?)

  2. 2 Aaron
    You can download the latest version of your blackberry software there. It’s a good site to bookmark and check back on, Simon.

  1. 1 BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 26 | BlackBerry Cool

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