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OS 4.6 docs leaked, rocking browser upgrade


BlackBerry 9000In a wanton disregard for the stern “Do Not Distribute” footer, BGR has leaked documents outlining the features of OS 4.6, which will be launched with the BlackBerry 9000 this summer. Key points?

-Upgraded browser: Kiss the crappy ol’ BlackBerry browser goodbye. This one looks just like the desktop, and will let you download files just like you would e-mail attachments, alongside inline video streaming (including fullscreen support).
-Automatic playlists: Define criteria, and music playlists will be put together on their own.
-Quick app deletion: No need to go through Options/Advanced/Applications to get rid of memory-hogging programs. Delete will now be a menu option right from the icon area.

Those are the big ones, but there’s plenty of other improvements on the way, including language support, a few BlackBerry Maps changes, security tweaks, and camera options.

BlackBerry 9000 makes brief appearance on eBay


BlackBerry 9000Although now pulled, a BlackBerry 9000 was up on eBay just long enough for folks to grab some eye candy. A screenshot shows it’s running on OS 4.6, and that the model number is, in fact, 9000. Aside from that, we already know it’ll be running on a quicker processor and higher-res screen, and packing GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA, an externally-accessible microSD memory card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Considering the rumors of a suggested retail price of around $900 when it gets released this summer makes you wonder how high the auction could have gone…

SimulScribe changes name to PhoneTag, adds contacts feature


PhoneTag logoThe guys at SimulScribe have changed their name to PhoneTag and added a new feature to their software, which we reviewed a few months ago. The new feature lets you upload your contact list to their website for use in their voicemail transcription app. When the message is transcribed, it will come to you from the email address of the person who recorded it, allowing for a quick email reply. It will also append the user’s name to the subject and spell it correctly in the transcription — so if you know a Tracey, a Tracie, and a Tracy, you’re in luck.

They note that the name change might cause some issues with users’ spam folders, and if you’re one of the few affected you can call them at 1-800-788-0916 or email them.


WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Actsoft


Actsoft logoActsoft makes the Comet line of software for a variety of different GPS needs. Comet Tracker uses GPS to track worker locations, record hours, store task info, and send out jobs, while Comet Mobile Worker expands the functionality of Tracker for even more uses. They also have a version of Comet Tracker for vehicles, allowing business to monitor their fleet of trucks. It monitors oil pressure, engine temperature, battery level and more, and can shut down the engine or notify the driver and dispatcher if a fault occurs. If it notices a low battery level while the engine is off, it will also shut down all electrical systems to save battery life. They should have some cool demos to show us at WES.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Zumobi


Zumobi logoZumobi is a really neat new widget application that aims to change the mobile web experience with the use of something they call Tiles. You can pick 16 Tiles from a list of hundreds, some of which are built by business while others are user-designed. The tiles range from showing your favorite blogs, to giving you weather conditions, to branded ones that let you watch or listen to clips from TV shows, to all manner of other things. The interface is very slick — check out the demo — and the software is free to boot. The only downside is that they don’t yet offer BlackBerry compatibility, but they’ll be releasing a public beta of the software at WES.


Neverfail and BoxTone team up


WonderTwinsNeverfail, provider of disaster recovery services, and BoxTone, the big name in BES monitoring, have today announced a partnership. The key benefits seem to be geared towards common customers, but as time goes on, we’ll likely see new features linking the two closer together. They’ll both be at WES as well, so we’ll likely get a taste of how this team-up will benefit both products.

“The combination of Neverfail and BoxTone truly is a natural fit,” said Nick Harmer, VP of Channel and Sales Development for Neverfail. “As adoption of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution continues to grow globally, more and more enterprises recognize the importance of a mobility platform and are looking for continuous availability across the extended BlackBerry environment. Neverfail looks forward to working with BoxTone to deliver comprehensive availability protection and a proactive management, monitoring and support solution for BlackBerry deployments.”