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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Zumobi

Apr 29, 2008: 

Changing the mobile web browsing experience with widget-like Tiles.

Neverfail and BoxTone team up

Apr 28, 2008: 

BES monitoring and outage protection, unite!

Canadian department blows half-mil on BlackBerrys

Apr 28, 2008: 

The government? Overspending? No…

India DoT comes under fire from Canadian government

Apr 28, 2008: 

Canadian High Commissioner David M. Malone sends an overtly polite, but subtly critical letter to India’s DoT regarding the security concerns in the region and the way talks have been handled.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Nomadz

Apr 28, 2008: 

The Nomadz application keep travelers aware of everything from terrorist threats to thunderstorms, and gives access to an on-call team in the event of an emergency.

BlackBerry newbies blog about ‘their first time’

Apr 27, 2008: 

Fellow bloggers QuicklyBored get BlackBerrys and go nuts! Read about their highs and lows.

New York Times questions RIM’s ability to fend off Apple

Apr 27, 2008: 

The New York Times questions RIM’s ability to stop Apple’s encroachment upon their market share. Can RIM beat the Big Mac attack?

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 27

Apr 25, 2008: 

For the week of April 21st., we talk with Yahoo! about oneSearch, as well as Vlingo, the folks behind its voice recognition, as well as Alltel about the upcoming BlackBerry 8330.

Weekly Contest: Worst. Flight. Ever.

Apr 25, 2008: 

Had some bad experiences travelling? Let’s hear the horror, and you can win 6 months of WorldMate Live service.

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