Sneak peek at WICKSoft version 3.6


Doug and I met up with local Ottawa developer WICKSoft the other day to check out their mobile document access system, and were both duly impressed. If you don’t have the time to check out their flash demos, these guys offer a quick, secure, and easy-to-use document access program for a wide variety of server types. They also showed us the work they’re doing with some big-name partners, so you can expect some fine products plugging in to WICKSoft soon. Version 3.6 will be officially announced at WES (along with those new partnerships we can’t mention yet), featuring some pretty slick additions. We heard about their integration with Novell not too long ago, and it was cool to finally see it in action. It was impressive to see how quick and painless server-side installation went, as well as their full range of security features. Which isn’t to say that WICKSoft suffers on the user side of the equation: essentially, if you work at a company where mobile access to documents is a priority, WICKSoft is for you.

You can expect more coverage of WICKSoft from the ‘Cool at WES (which attendees can see for themselves at booth #731), with a review to follow shortly after. Until then, scope the new deets after the jump.

New Features and Improvements:

-Access to Exchange 2003 folders. BlackBerry users can now have direct access to any document stored in their Exchange server, including those in Public and Delegate folders, their contact list or calendar. Users are also able to sync meetings and contacts from Public folders with their BlackBerry.
-Support for Exchange 2007. Allows users to send documents stored on their network as attachments using their internal email system.
-Support for Novell’s newest collaboration solution: Teaming + Conferencing.
- Support for emailing documents as links.
- Support for viewing links to documents received via BlackBerry email.
-Support for Office 2007. With full fidelity real time viewing of docx, xlsx, and pptx documents.
-Better BES integration. BES admins now have total control of deployment.

Quick Impressions:

Deployment of WICKSoft across your company is ridiculously easy. Like, drunken monkey or BBCool staffer easy. Easy to use point and click interface that should take no longer than 5 minutes for any seasoned tech admin… There’s also no footprint on your system infrastructure: WICKSoft can be installed without touching the BES, your production environment, or even outside your network… This thing is totally built to scale. It’s as easy to deploy for 5,000 employees as it is for 5. WICKSoft includes support for mixed and multi-platform MS and Novell environments, multiple domains and departments, and geographically remote areas… Client side use is a breeze. Interface remains the same no matter what document management system is used. Document access is quick, with only a few seconds needed to access 100 page documents. I really like the ability to send a document as a link: prevents huge data charges through employees emailing you large files.