Verizon BlackBerry 8330 launched

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Verizon’s Curve is out the door a little earlier than expected, going for $219.99 on a two-year contract with a $100 online rebate. GPS, EV-DO-flavoured 3G, and OS 4.3 (with its revamped e-mail and browser interfaces, plus video recording) are all the goodies you can look forward to in this BlackBerry. I guess now we’re just waiting on Sprint

  • Bill
    Just got mine on the 8th, in the Verizon store. It's pretty awesome. only thing is now I have to figure out the way to get my contacts, memos and calendar over to the curve from a Palm 700P and using a Macbook Pro.... Not looking forward to this debacle. Anyone have an idea?
  • Can you hear me now?
    I ordered my 8330 online from Verizon this morning (the 8th of May). They sent me tracking info saying FedEx will deliver tomorrow. Looks like the reps were misinformed about online order status. This is definitely not a pre-order.
  • Randy
    I just tried to order the phone and I was informed that it will not be available until the 9th. The CS rep said that the online availability is for pre-order only, although somehow I feel like the rep was misinformed. I will try again tomorrow.
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