Right on Track: The BlackBerry Solution and Beyond

WESWith just a week to go before WES, we’ve got two more tracks to blast through… Right now we’re going to run through “The BlackBerry Solution and Beyond“, which is geared towards informing enterprises on the BlackBerry options available to them as their demands increase and diversify. RIM is far from a one-trick pony, and this track will just go to show architects how to expand in every direction.

“The BlackBerry Solution and Beyond” has 17 sessions, including the second panel, “Making the BlackBerry Smartphone a Secure, Mobile Desk Phone” (WR19, Wednesday, 11:30 AM), which focuses on the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System. This session would mesh nicely with “Right Timing for Fixed Mobile Convergence?” (WR02, Wednesday, 10:15 AM)

There’s plenty on this track for folks looking to scope out BES version 5.0. “The New BlackBerry Enterprise Solution v5.0: What’s the Buzz?” (WR01, Tuesday, 4:30), “What’s the Good News About BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 for Administrators?” (WR13, Tuesday, 3:15), and “The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution v5.0 and Brave New Frontiers of Mobility” (WR03, Wednesday, 9:00 AM) all promise to give a good look at the upcoming server software.

Small and medium businesses also get some love on this track - “Made to Measure: BlackBerry Professional Software for Small to Medium Businesses” (WR15, Wednesday, 4:15 PM) and “The Right Fit: Aligning Small and Medium Businesses with the Right BlackBerry Solution” (WR09, Thursday, 10:15 AM) will both outline the options available for companies with unique goals and constrained budgets, including BlackBerry Unite!, BlackBerry Internet Service, among others.

“Getting in on the Ground Floor: What You Need to Know About the Early Adopter and Beta Program for the BlackBerry Solution” (WR17, Thursday, 10:15 AM) sounds like an interesting way to get a sneak peek at early BlackBerry products and services… wonder what the odds of getting BBCool in there are like… “Understanding IT Certifications” (WR18, Thursday, 10:15 AM) sounds like a great first look at the recently-announced certification programs that are coming down the road. From an employer’s perspective, it’ll help you figure out if your IT personnel (old or new) need certification. If you’re getting your BES admin certification, and think there are a few others you want to hang on your wall, this session could easily help you figure out if they would do you any good.

Those are the highlights of The BlackBerry Solution and Beyond” but there’s the whole session list on the next page. Anything catching your eye?

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