Right on Track: The BlackBerry Solution and Beyond


WR01 – The New BlackBerry Enterprise Solution v5.0: What’s the Buzz? – Tuesday 04:30 PM
WR02 – Right Timing for Fixed Mobile Convergence? – Wednesday 10:15 AM
WR03 – The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution v5.0 and Brave New Frontiers of Mobility – Wednesday 09:00 AM
WR04 – Mobility & Unified Communications: Separating Fact from Hype – Tuesday 04:30 PM
WR05 – Deploying Multiple BlackBerry Enabled Devices across your Organization – Thursday 09:00 AM
WR06 – That Little Bit Extra: Accessories for Wireless Data – Tuesday 11:00 AM
WR07 – [Case Study] How Wi-Fi Makes a Difference for Customers and IT Managers – Tuesday 03:15 PM
WR08 – The BlackBerry Solution: Not Just for Work, For Life, Too! – Thursday 10:15 AM
WR09 – The Right Fit: Aligning Small and Medium Businesses with the Right BlackBerry Solution – Thursday 10:15 AM
WR11 – [Case Study] – BlackBerry Solution Services — The Customer’s Take on Making Services Your Strategic Enabler – Thursday 11:30 AM
WR12 – New Directions for BlackBerry Solution Developers – Wednesday 10:15 AM
WR13 – What’s the Good News About BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 for Administrators? – Tuesday 03:15 PM
WR14 – The Get Smart Session for BlackBerry Smartphone Users – Tuesday 11:00 AM
WR15 – WES – Made to Measure: BlackBerry Professional Software for Small to Medium Businesses – Wednesday 04:15 PM
WR17 – [Case Study] Getting in on the Ground Floor: What You Need to Know About the Early Adopter and Beta Program for the BlackBerry Solution – Thursday 10:15 AM
WR18 – Understanding IT Certifications – Thursday 10:15 AM
WR19 – [Panel] Enterprise Panel: Making the BlackBerry Smartphone a Secure, Mobile Desk Phone – Wednesday 11:30 AM