Right on Track: Wireless Solutions Up Close


WES We’ve covered all of the other session tracks (Architecting and Managing the Wireless Infrastructure, Developing Enterprise Applications, Mobile Insights and Opportunities, and The BlackBerry Solution and Beyond), leaving only Wireless Solutions Up Close, which has ballooned to 39 sessions since it first opened up. These sessions are more than just a sales pitch – they’re a chance for exhibitors to really strut their stuff and explore their areas of expertise. Go on and take a look behind the scenes of their innovative products and the challenges they had to overcome.


Of course we’re fans of Viigo, and their session (WW12, Wednesday, 4:15 PM) should provide an in-depth look at some of the challenges of getting audio pushed out through BlackBerry. It’ll also be cool to see how RSS acted as a launching point into numerous other services, and how that foundation will effect everything else Viigo is aiming to do.

Prepaid for BlackBerry (WW01, Tuesday, 4:30 PM) could show a new direction for BlackBerry delivery, which has typically stuck with the postpaid model. Safaricom, an African carrier will be looking at how “a device embedded application enables consumers to consult their balance and recharge their account to carrier pre-defined amounts.” Sounds like something we could use in Canada, where weighty overage charges can crush users into a fine pulp.

A bunch of our buddies in Ottawa will be hosting the “Every Laptop should be Left Behind”, which promises to stick out from the other sessions on this track by discussing how mobile technology is replacing merely the portable (laptop) lifestyle. There’s still plenty that a laptop can do that a BlackBerry can’t, so it’ll be interesting to hear about how that gap is closing.

BoxTone’s hosting a really cool man versus machine session (WW18, Tuesday, 2:00 PM) where a BlackBerry technical expert will try to out-diagnose BoxTone’s software. It might be a little one-sided, but hey, it would be cool to see the human win. Orange is seeking “innovative” and “quirky” applications for their store – it might be worth attending their session (WW35, Wednesday, 4:00 PM) to see if your software is a good fit.

“Mobile Mashup Applications in Action” (WW38, Wednesday, 11:30 AM) sounds interesting – Vettro is inviting attendees to an “interactive demonstration of a mobile mashup application that blends together data from MFG/Pro, Siebel, and a homegrown HR system, as well as functionality of a BlackBerry® smartphone, around the requirements of a field service representative.” It sounds like their system is a great way to custom-fit in-house applications to properly address the particular needs of a mobile workforce.

On the whole, Wireless Solutions Up Close is a diverse track, offering a lot of interesting perspectives. Any you’re looking to check out? Check the list on the next page. We head out to WES tomorrow, and will be talking with folks on the floor to see what’s happening in the sessions.