RIM announces $150 million BlackBerry Partners Fund

Whew, this maybe isn’t as sexy as a new device release, but this might just be bigger news over the long term. RIM today (tonight? This morning? Man, am I not going to enjoy my flight…) announced a joint initiative to create a fund investing in mobile applications and services. Here’s what RIM co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, had to say:

“The mobile world has evolved well beyond phone calls and simple messaging to require more empowering and liberating solutions that connect people to everything that matters most to them, wherever and whenever they want,” said Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO, Research In Motion. “RIM, RBC and Thomson Reuters share the common belief that mobile applications and services will propel the industry forward and the BlackBerry Partners Fund is being formed to help fuel innovation and activity in the mobile ecosystem.”

Translation? ‘Oh man, we’ve been talking about moving beyond email for years now, but if we don’t invest more in our partners to maintain BlackBerry as a viable enterprise and consumer platform, Apple is going to eat our shorts.’ Still, $150 million is nothing to sneeze at; hey RIM, where do we sign up? mebeliwww.blackberrypartnersfund.com? Sweet!

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